Moolchand Parantha:- A Real Binge .

Cuisines :- North Indian , Beverges .

Popular Dishes :- Soya Paratha , Cheese Garlic Paratha , Pineapple lassi , Cold lassi , Egg Curry Rice , Matar Paratha .

People Say this Place is Known for :- Street food Cleanliness , Fast Service , Quick Service , Reasonable Price , Combo .

Average Cost :- Rs 400 for two people (Approx ) .

Cash only Digital Payment Accepted .

Timmings – 9am – 11.30pm .

More Information :-

Breakfast , Takeaway Only , Standing Tables.

Ratings : – 4.2 .

Contact Number – :+91-9871734042 .

Address:- Near Moolchand Metro Station Lajpat Nagar 4 , New Delhi .

Moolchand Metro station .Lala lajpat Rai Marg , Vikaram vihar Lajpat rai Marg , Vikram vihar LAjpat Nagar

New Delhi- 110024 .

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History :– The Thela is where the story of Moolchand Paratha began in the 1980s. Three year ago , we opened a big eatery but there is great saying thele mein emotional touch hai (we are emotional about thela ) .

Running for over 50 years , Moolchand paratha wala is a hub for college students who come to enjoy a bit of the hot , greasy and delicious paratha .

Parathas are the stuffed version of the indian flat bread , mostly served with pickles and chutneys. Stuffed , satiating and fulfilling in every sense . Paratha’s hold a very special place in delhite’s heart .

This is why you find at least one legendary paratha joint in every corner of the city . So, if old delhi has its Paranthe Wali Gali , South delhi has its parathe wali gali selling me most sumptuous varitey of parathas.

Expansion of Moolchand Parantha :- Running from over 50 years , Moolchand parathne wala is a hub for college students who come to enjoy a bite of the hot , greasy and delicious paranthas . Mahendra singh who handles the counter at the joints tells us , about 20 years back , our dhaba used to function from 6:30 p.m in the evening to 6am in the morning .

You would find the place bustling with people even at 2-2.30am in the morning . Over the years , the timings have changed and today , it is open only till 11.30 PM at night but it is still famous for late night hangouts .

Celebrities :- The stuffed parathanas were apparently loved by the king of Bollywood Shah – Rukh Khan who used to often enjoy them back in a day when he was in delhi . Actor Sushant – Singh also went down the memory lane and revealed his love for Moolchand parathans .

Along with the parathanas you can also enjoy various thalis . The rajma rice is strongly recommended. for your the sweet cravings , they have Khullar Wali kheer , Ras Malai , Gulam – Jamun . The special range of flavoured lassi like custard apple , rose and black currant do not disappoint either .

Cuisines :– Indian , Asian .

Special Diets :- Vegetarian Friendly , Vegan Options .

Meals :- Breakfast . Lunch , Dinner or Brunch .

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