Lajpat Nagar ke Mash-hoor Ram laddoo :-

Ram laddoo is a crispy moong dal pakora or fritters . this recipe is one of the most popular delhi chaat receipe . A Perfect tea snack these crispy ram ladoo are topped with chutney and shreeded raddish . It’s vegan , gluten – free and low GI- recipe .

Ram laddoo is crispy outside and fluffy inside topped with green – chutney , Imali – chutney and grated radish . The best indian snack ever in winters you can find on delhi -streets .

Ram – Laddoo is basically a pakora or savory fritter made with moong -dal and chana dal batter . Street vendors selling steaming hot laddoo during winters is quite a common sight in delhi street and markerts .

Recipe :– A mouth – watering Delight to make ram laddoo , a batter of moong – dal (Yellow -dal )and chana – dal . Small – nuggets which are made from hands are deep – fried and then topped with ram – laddoo chutney , Sweet tamarind chutney and green chutney with grated radish . For extra taste squeeze of lime juice can be added .

There are end numbers of pakodas in the delhi street such as ‘ Methi – Pokaras , Ragi , Crispy Corn Pakora , Palak paneer Pokara . You can prepare them beforehand . When you want to serve just microwave the ladoo and top it with chutney ,grated radish and coriander and enjoy !!

How to make soft ladoo :-

Delhi Ram Ladoo are soft from inside and crispy outside . The secret of making them soft is the way you make the batter . After grinding the batter make sure to whip it with a spoon to incorporate lot of air in the batter . Which also makes them super – soft .

Address :- D- 35 Veer Savarkar Marg , Block – d Lajpat Nagar II , Lajpat Nagar , New delhi – 110024.

Timmings :– 10:30 AM- 10:30 PM .

The glory of ”Ram -Laddoo” has been passed from the generations of the foodies to the generations of Instagrammers . Those crispy moong – dal Pakora topped with spicy green chutney can give you taste buds a well – deserved ride .

History of Ram – Laddoo :-

Nobody knows how the deep – fried balls of moong dal came to be known as Ram – Laddoo . It have followed hindu belief that something with no name can also attributed to ram , one of most venerated gods . … The ladoo is dry but the Juicy Radish Knocks out its little toughness .

One of the intresting facts about Ram – Laddoo is very similar version is also served in lakhanpur (a town in jammu & kashmir ) . Hence ram – Laddoo is best delicacy of lajpat nagar its a great snack and must try if you have come down for first time .

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