Haldiram ‘s – A Chain of Trusted Brand :-

History :- Haldiram’s is an indian sweets, snacks and restaurant company . The Company has manufacturing plants in a wide variety of locations such as Nagpur , New Delhi , Gurgoan , Rudrapur and Noida . Haldiram was founded in 1937 by ”Ganga Bhisen Aggarwal ‘‘ fondly known as Haldiram Ji his household :, as a retail sweets and namkeen shop in Bikaner , Rajastan .

In 2003 , the company began the process of developing convenience food to be marketed to consumers . In 2014 , Haldriam was ranked 55th among india’s most trusted brands according to Brand trust report . The company has grown tremendous pace over the year 2017 it was crowned as the country’s largest snack company .

Products :- Haldiram ‘s has over 400 products . Its product range includes traditional Namkeens , Western Snacks , Indian Sweets , Cookies , sherbts , and pickles such as Gulab Jamun and Bikaneri Bhujia and Papadum . The company also produces ready- to-eat food products . In the 1990s, the production of potato – based foods was enabled by the importation of machinery from united states designed for these purpose .

Headquaters :– Nagpur .

Advertising :- Haldiram’s is very traditional in terms of advertising and promotions . However to be sync with current times, Haldiram ‘s Snack packets were printed with the logo of the film . The chain is actively expanding its franchisees .

Haldiram’s Logo .
Glunten – Free Bhujia .

Address :- 6.2 Km , No 7 block 6 , Connought Circus New Delhi -110001

Contact No – 011 – 71564116 .

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