June 22, 2021

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The famous OLD IS GOLD and ICONIC jalebi corner since 1884 (OLD FAMOUS JALEBI WALA) has proven its consistent legacy of making delicious jalebi.

This popularity and consistency is only because of their traditional way of a recipe.

They use USP the khandsari sugar for making the syrup instead of regular sugar and pure ghee cooked by them on a coal fire.


The name behind this astonishing drooling delicious OLD IS GOLD jalebi recipe is by late Mr. SH. Lala Nem Chand Jain in 1884 traveled to Delhi with Rs 2/- in pocket given by their in-laws in dowry and from there, he expanded his business which becomes a legacy. It is now run by Abhishek and his grandfather Lala Gyan Chand and father Kailash has spent a significant role in this shop to maintain its quality and purity. As the fourth generation leading this shop which is becoming a brand new and famous in U.S.A, Australia, U.K, Canada, Germany, Pakistan.


SPECIALITY: The mushy white-colored swirls transmuting into crispy golden jalebi can melt your heart and water your mouth when it dips into the sugar syrup. Every item related to this jalebi is very unique and traditional khandsari sugar with coal-fired home-prepared ghee gives the best to it. Well, one who comes to the shop eats jalebi and never goes empty-handed always takes some for their loved ones.



This place is always crowded and there is a queue for delicious jalebi. The shop is actually very small but all because of their name they have not put an inch negative remark. Well, they always believe in purity and quality which is standing till now and remain same after 133 years is a great remark.


CELEBRITY: The old famous jalebi wala has served many people celebrities and politicians like RAJ KAPOOR, SANJAY GANDHI, CHARAN SINGH. They once served jalebi to ATAL BIHARI VAJPAYI when he became prime minister at that time. This vintage collection of old famous jalebi wala renowned for its performance from 13 decades so their price also high according to time Rs. 500 per kg.

ADDRESS : Shop no. 1795, Dariba kakan road ,Dariba corner, opposite central Baptist church Chandani Chiowk New Delhi.

TIME : 8 AM TO 10 PM

TELEPHONE NO. 01123256973


Overall, it’s a place you must visit if you are a jalebi lover.

As we say OLD IS GOLD it’s the perfect example.

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