Bombay Blast a perfect Place for Pav Bhaji eaters

Bombay blast is a well-known restaurant in Ashok vihar.


Location of Bombay Blast

Police Station, B2 Block, Plot no. 25 , Ashok Vihar , Phase – II Opp, Ashok Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110052

It is located in the middle of Ashok Vihar and Wazeerpur. So, it covers a very long area.


Bombay blast is basically famous for its quality of food.

This is the only restaurant, where they provide us Western foods with good quality.

Whenever you visit the restaurant, you will not believe in yourself because it is, not a very big but a well-known restaurant.


It’s a cheap restaurant with good quality of food.

Bombay Blast gives us nothing besides quality it has only a few seats approx 10-15.

But all the restaurant is Fully airconditioned. If you want to purchase something then you can buy it from near about Central Market and Deep Market


Meal for two:350


Specialty cuisines: pao Bhazi, vada pao, Soya rumali, Rumali roti, soya Puri, bhel puri, chat-vat, pizza, sandwich, spiral fries.

Drinks: Cold coffee, Hot coffee, Soft drinks, Mocktails, Mojito, Juices, Boom, Zoom, Milk shake, Milk shake Bombay style,

Type: Happy hours, Dineout pay, future vouchers,

Best selling items: Vada Pao, pao bhazi,Pizza, sandwich, bhelapuree, Soyapuree, Rumali roti,Cold coffee, Boom, zoom, Milk shake Bombay style


Facilities and Features

Air conditioned Wi-fi

Parking cards accepted

Wallet accepted Amex accepted


The Vegetarian cuisine is nice at this restaurant. A number of people have noticed that they can try tasty turkey, bhaji pav and vada here. Good waffles are the tastiest dishes. Bombay Blast offers great fresh juices or delicious coffee among its drinks.


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