Cup Of Smile

Are you a coffee lover and bored of the same kind of coffee every day and don’t know what to do as you can’t go out and have your favorite coffee no worries because we have some yummy recipes of coffee you can try at home. Your Cup Of Smile.


Dark Chocolate Coffee

The yummy dark chocolate coffee can be made by mixing coffee powder and sugar with some melted dark chocolate and then whisking it.

After that when you pour some hot milk into the mixture the yummy dark chocolate coffee is ready.



The Dalgona coffee also known as ‘Quarantine coffee’.

Largely prepared at home when cafes are closed. It is simple to whip equal proportions of sugar, coffee powder, and water until it thickens and becomes creamy.

Then add it to cold or hot milk so that milk remains at the bottom and paste above it. You can decorate with chocolate or sprinkled coffee.


Coffee Frappe

The easiest and yummy coffee that you can make at home.

It’s a summer coffee with simple ingredients like sugar, milk, coffee, and ice cubes blended together.

If you want you can put some whipped cream and chocolate syrup.


Cold Coffee

The one loved by all made with simple ingredients like milk. coffee powder, sugar and ice cubes mix it and serve it cold with some ice-cream at top and chocolate syrup.


Irish Coffee

It’s a coffee with a cocktail twist for people who love cocktail.

To prepare it you need two parts of Irish whiskey, fresh cream, sugar and hot coffee.

Then you just have to heat coffee, sugar and whiskey without boiling pour is and coffee is ready.


So what are you waiting for get up and make yourself and your family a cup of coffee and refresh their mood.

“I want someone to look at me the way I look at coffee.”

This defines exactly the love of coffee lovers for coffee for them a cup of amazing coffee is solution to all problems.

So, get up and get your Cup Of Smile.

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