“Caffeine isn’t a Drug , It’s a Vitamin” Only the caffeine lovers can understand the power and influence of tea or coffee and so do KUNZUM TRAVEL CAFE .

And what better than just enjoying the full, warm ,refreshing cups of these beverages without worrying about the exact amount to pay .

Yessss !!!! People you heard it right

Kunzum Travel Cafe in Hauz khas village satisfy your lust for chai and coffee along with drooling ,sweet snacks without having a fix price for the same


You can enjoy generous amount of beverages at this place by paying what you wish to at their drop box.
Firstly, Being a pocket-friendly place with a distinct personality of its own this place stands out from rest of the cafes situated in South Delhi.

In Conclusion , Kunzum Travel Café is a pocket-friendly place with a distinct personality of its own.

For instance, “Pay What You Like” policy for tea, coffee and cookies makes this place stand out from rest of the cafes ; not compromising on the taste,quantity and hygiene of the food as well as the environment. This place is bookmarked by every caffeine lover.


Moreover, The aesthetic factor comes into play by the travel photographs on the walls, and quirky , cool ambience of the place giving homly vibes .

What more to offer ????
Firstly,Browse through travel books and magazines.

Secondly,It runs on self-service and has its own wifi.

Thirdly,Hosting events like the poetry reading, music performance by live bands.

Lastly, Create artwork and write travel stories. Shop a bit for books, mugs, T-shirts and more

Isn’t it really amazing !!!!!!!
So don’t wait and put this place on the top of your list for you next outing.❤

Where : T-49, First Floor, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi .

Written by : Himanshi Tyagi

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