Garbage and other pollutant stuff that cause harm to our mother nature and human life is a huge concern.

Various efforts are taken in bringing such things to human conciousness had always been great challenge for government.

As a result , Taking up initiative towards the same and planning in making delhi plastic free,

The South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has opened it’s first Garbage cafe in the national capital.

Firstly,Located at the City Centre mall in Dwarka Sector 21,one gets an access to exchange plastic waste for free food at the shop.

It is also to be noted that Visitors can also avail discounts in return for plastic waste at other food outlets in the mall itself.

It feels good to see such intelligent initiative getting boost and recognition.

Over all , It is a very thoughtful initiative of connecting humans basic need (food);

Above all, The cafe offers snacks in exchange for 250 gms of plastic and a full meal in return for 1kg of plastic waste.

Imagine,How great it is to get our basic necessity without even spending a single penny instead of the so-called waste or the useless product that we prevail .

This place is the talk of the town so that people don’t throw away plastic as waste but can collect it to exchange for food. 

For snacks, they serve



Thirdly- Burgers,


Parathas and

For meals there is

butter roti with curry or rice and dal whatever we want.

In a way a person can enjoy a full meal or binge on to their favourite snacks as well.

We can also avail food coupons that can be used at any food counter in the mall to purchase food of our desire.

The opening timings of this food outlet is 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

So guys why to throw away plastic, conserve it ,exchange it and enjoy your delicious food especially for those who can’t afford a one time meal …..


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